Club News

  • 5-12-10: New Ride Fees

    St Johns Ambulance are no longer able to provide first aid on practice & race days. The only replacement we could find is SouthCare Medical. Unfortunately their rates are 300% higher than St Johns.
    We have therefore had to increase ride fees by $5 per day to cover this cost.
    Membership fees remain unchanged.

    Riding fees are as follows

    Senior - $25
    Junior - $15
    Family - $50
    Junior - Wednesdays - $10 (per family)

  • 3-12-10: Results of AGM

    The AGM was held last night & the following positions were filled:

    President Craig Wickham
    Vice President Peter Wilson
    Secretary Corrina Warwick
    Treasurer Mark Ryan
    Committee Adam Blackwell
    Committee David Sirc
    Committee Mark James
    Committee Mark Tavan

  • 6-8-10: New Junior Track

    We now have a new beginners track for 50 & 65cc bikes. This is a small kidney shaped track up the top for the little ones starting out.
    Thanks to MJ Rowles for providing the machinery & labour to build this.
    A second intermediate junior track should also be complete in the next fee weeks.

  • 1-8-10: MyLaps Timing System.

    We have just installed the new MyLaps timing system for use on all race & practice days.

    This means that anyone with a transponder on their bike will have every single lap time recorded every time they go on the track. The system will be running continually, so it will work anytime you go to the track, be it race or practice days.

    The lap times are uploaded in real time, so you will then be able to view them on website when you return home. Or even sit in the pits & view your lap times in real time on a laptop or even a mobile phone that has internet access.

    The service is offered totally free to any member that has a transponder. Transponders can be purchased outright or be hired on a yearly or daily basis.

    See "Timing" Section for more details.

If you have any problems, suggestions, comments or ideas for the web site, please contact Mark Ryan at mark@wollongongmotorcycleclub.com. We  appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism as it helps us provide better facilities for our members.